Protect education funding


The NUT and other teaching unions – ATL, EIS, INTO, NAHT, SSTA, UCAC, UCU, UTU and Voice, representing teachers and lecturers across the UK - have written an open letter to the new Government setting out our concerns about the potential impact of funding cuts on the education system. The letter, published in the Sunday Times, calls for a commitment to fund the additional costs already facing schools and colleges and protect all education funding regardless of sector, age or location. Click here to read the letter.

Kill The Bill

On 15 July 2015, the Government’s Trade Union Bill was introduced to Parliament. The Bill contains a wide range of restrictions on trade union freedom, new restrictions on the right to organise, the right to facilities at the workplace, and the right to bargain collectively. It also introduces new restrictions on both the right to strike, and trade union political freedom, while exposing trade union administration to unjustified levels of scrutiny.


The provisions of the bill includes:

— banning strikes in most public services unless first, at least 50% of those participating in the proposed action vote in the ballot, and second, at least 40% of those affected also support the action;

— allowing employers to hire agency staff during strikes;

— requiring ballots to be re-run every four months, and setting a minimum two weeks’ notice for any industrial action;

— criminalising unlawful or ‘intimidatory’ picketing rather than treating it as a civil offence, and requiring a union official to oversee such pickets and ensure that they abide by the law, for instance, that no more than six strikers are present and introduces fines of up to £20,000 on unions if pickets do not wear an official armband

— limiting the amount of time that your representatives can spend on union business;

— giving the government trade union certification officer powers to fine unions up to £20,000 for breaches of reporting rules which will include an annual audit of its protests and pickets.


In addition, the Trade Union Bill requires unions to contact each union member directly to ask if they want to pay into the political levy, and to repeat the question every five years. A requirement to opt in to the political levy is likely to dramatically reduce the number of members paying it.


Public sector unions have been particularly focused on, as a part of a strategy to suppress organised resistance to the privatisation of services and to eliminate any meaningful bargaining over pay, terms and conditions, allowing cuts to wages, pensions and staff.


What to do:

— Write to your MP – you can use this model letter

— Spread the word online  

Education White Paper


The NUT is utterly opposed to the Government’s plan to convert all schools to academies, ending democratic accountability in England’s education system and threatening every teacher’s pay and conditions.

Resources for members explaining the NUT’s plans to campaign against the White Paper and ballot members for action in defence of pay and conditions here.


Information for Parents here

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