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Welcome to the NUT website's area for NUT members working as supply teachers.

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The NUT campaigns vigorously on behalf of its supply teacher members. Most are employed by agencies on low flat rates and with no entitlement to membership of the Teachers' Pension scheme. The NUT opposes the supply agency model which diverts significant amounts of public money into private hands, to the detriment of teachers and schools.

This link above contains the NUT’s toolkit of guidance for supply teacher members and schools, and sets out information about the NUT's wider campaign to secure fair pay, conditions and pensions for supply teachers.

Stand up for supply teachers

NUT Toolkit for Supply Teachers

The NUT site offers guidance documents provide information and advice on matters relevant to supply teachers.

Pay and Conditions

Agency Worker Regulations

Guaranteed Work’ Contracts

Umbrella companies and limited companies

Health and Safety

Supporting Supply Teachers

Getting involved

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Supply Teachers - NUT Guidance on Umbrella Companies

This NUT briefing gives guidance on umbrella companies and their role in supply teaching. Supply teachers working for agencies are increasingly employed by such companies which make profits from a complex relationship between the teacher, the agency, the school and the umbrella company itself.


NUT Guidance for Supply Teachers

The links below will take you to various NUT guidance documents for supply teachers:

Supply Teachers - Pay, Conditions and Working Time

The Agency Worker Regulations (AWR) - NUT Guidance for Supply Teachers Members

The Agency Worker Regulations (AWR) 'Swedish Derogation' Contracts - NUT Guidance for Supply Teacher Members

Supporting Supply Teachers - Guidance for Members (2012)


Local NUT Networks for Supply Teachers

The NUT has issued advice to divisions and associations asking them to help develop networks for supply teachers within the NUT and giving information about the Lobby and our plans to further develop the NUT Supply Teachers Charter. Click here to read more.


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