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Election Comment

Gil Scott-Heron’s “B Movie” puts it eloquently, written after after the election of Ronald Reagan to the US presidency in 1980.

“Well, the first thing I want to say is: Mandate my a**!


The Tories only managed 24% (37% of the 66% registered vote) in winning their “overall majority”.


















Protect education funding


The NUT and other teaching unions – ATL, EIS, INTO, NAHT, SSTA, UCAC, UCU, UTU and Voice, representing teachers and lecturers across the UK - have written an open letter to the new Government setting out our concerns about the potential impact of funding cuts on the education system. The letter, published in the Sunday Times, calls for a commitment to fund the additional costs already facing schools and colleges and protect all education funding regardless of sector, age or location. Click here to read the letter.


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