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Thanks to everyone who came to the lobby of supply teacher agencies in London on October 28th. Over 150 people attended, the NUT Facebook page has loads of photos from the day, also on the NUT web site.. A big vote of thanks to Alex Kenny from the Executive who did a lot of organising work before the event and lead the troops on the day.

   Ambition 2025 – Nottingham Campaign 4 Education’s response [summary]


Making the case for real ambition: a response to the Nottingham City Education Improvement Board’s 10 year strategic plan ‘Ambition 2025’ – a summary


In this summary of the Nottingham Campaign for Education submission to Ambition 2025 we set out three reasons why Nottingham education faces its current problems, we present three alternatives to the priorities set out in Ambition 2025 and we present three proposals to begin to put things right . . .


How did we get here? Three reasons why we are where we are . . .

Reason 1: Nottingham as an education laboratory – education in Nottingham has suffered from all the education policy experiments of the last 25 years. The system is now badly fractured and close to breaking point.


Reason 2: Top-down policy reform – too often education reform in the City has been done to people, not with people.


Reason 3: Child poverty matters – schools often do great work in difficult circumstances. Poverty is not an excuse – it is an explanation. Nottingham’s child poverty problems have not been addressed.


Another world is possible: three alternative priorities . . .


Priority 1: Developing teachers – mobilising the profession – providing teachers with access to high quality professional development and addressing the scourge of excessive workload. Working with teachers’ professional associations to address these issues.


Priority 2: A Nottingham Curriculum – a broad and rich entitlement curriculum in the City – celebrating education as about diversity, creativity and risk-taking.


Priority 3: Transitions and connections – a focus on an integrated and coherent education service in the City – connecting all phases of education, schools, further and adult education.


Having real ambition: three proposals to put Nottingham City back together again . . .


Proposal 1: A Collaboration Compact – make the commitment to collaboration real and meaningful – an immediate agreement to end predatory and competitive practices between schools and colleges.


Proposal 2: A ‘Great Education Debate’ in Nottingham – a year long discussion, culminating in a major conference, to discuss the education service we want – engaging the maximum number of parents, students, educators and community representatives.


Proposal 3: Develop a 10 year strategic plan to establish ‘Nottingham City: Education City’ – a community generated plan, overseen by a democratically constituted, community based body.

Survey on Ofsted inspection


The NUT is conducting a survey of in-service members in England about their experiences of, and attitudes towards Ofsted inspection.  The survey was circulated via email on 11 January and closes on 29 January. There has been an excellent response from members to the survey in the first week, with over 500 responses have been received from members involved in inspections under the new framework introduced this academic year.


Please respond here, as the greater the response rate the more authority the final report will have.  It is intended that the survey will inform Union policy and our lobbying work. A public report will be made available around the time of the Union’s Annual Conference.