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Dominic Cummings ex-Gove adviser and now free school proposer tweeted:

“1/ Re Acads/Ofsted etc. a) Legal situation is a mess. b) Ofsted is a mess partic viz governance. c) EFA a mess. d) The messes overlap”.


General Meeting

Thursday 29th January 2015 at 5pm

UNISON Building,

East Midlands Regional Centre/Vivian Avenue, Carrington, NG5 1AF

Please note change to usual venue


1.   Welcome by the President Tara Russo

2.   Apologies

3.   Minutes of the last meeting

4.   Matters Arising

5.   Campaigns-

Introduction from Ian Stevenson NUT Regional Secretary

Getting the message across- Lobbying local politicians

6.   Nominations for conference business committee

7.   Prioritisation of Motions for conference

8.   A.O.B. 

 Refreshments available from 4.30 pm

Please make every effort to attend


You are welcome to submit amendments to conference motions before the meeting.

All schools will have had a booklet of motions, if you need one contact us or see the website.

These motions shape our union policy for the future. Have your say!