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Dominic Cummings ex-Gove adviser and now free school proposer tweeted:

“1/ Re Acads/Ofsted etc. a) Legal situation is a mess. b) Ofsted is a mess partic viz governance. c) EFA a mess. d) The messes overlap”.


Agenda for the Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 25th February 2015 4.30pm

UNISON Building,

East Midlands Regional Centre/Vivian Avenue, Carrington,


1. Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting

2. Induction of new President – Diane Fletcher

3. Vote of thanks to retiring President – Tara Russo

4. Presidential Address-Diane Fletcher

5. Vote of thanks for the Presidential Address

6. Statement of Accounts

Proposed increase in local subscriptions- Adrian Wilson

7. Rule change –appointment of Trustees for the Association- Susi Artis

8. Campaigning for Education- What kind of schools do our kids deserve? Sheena Wheatley

9. Amendments to conference motions

10. Declaration of election results including rule change to create Officer position for Supply teachers

11. Election of Scrutineers

12. Annual Report presented by the Secretary – Sheena Wheatley

13. Election of Auditors

14. Discussion of any matters declared urgent by the meeting


We will be making a collection for the Hyson Green Foodbank if you would like to contribute please bring your items along to the meeting.

Union wins concessions on Disqualification by Association Guidance


The Union's threat to challenge the DfE's supplementary advice on the Childcare Disqualification legislation and its application to schools in the High Court has successfully drawn concessions from the Government who are now proposing changes to the guidance. This should be published to schools at the end of February.


The supplementary advice was published on www.Gov.UK in October last year, with no warning and no consultation with the relevant trade unions, causing widespread confusion and concern.  Despite this, the Union was able to initiate legal proceedings before the Christmas break, challenging the DfE's interpretation of the legislation.


As a result of the NUT's challenge, the DfE conceded that:



We have agreed not to pursue the Judicial Review if these concessions are included in revised guidance to schools and local authorities.  We have brought together other organisations who are supporting our position, and it is intended that a common position will be put forward on the content of updated guidance.


Our aim in the long run is to seek to change the relevant legislation.  In the meantime, we are seeking that the Government amends the guidance to advise schools how to implement the legislation in a proportionate way, placing lowest level of burden possible on schools and teachers and providing advice and assistance to enable members return to work where they have been wrongly identified as 'disqualified' and suspended as a consequence.


Further meeting with the DfE agreed that: